01 May 2009

Boston Pictures – Part 5

And finally, the last segment, number 5. We left off a mile from the finish, now let’s finish it!

For the final time, I’ll repeat that the posted pictures are reduced resolution. Please email me at secondlap@comcast.net and identify the pictures you’d like by their number, and I will be happy to send you the full resolution versions. Don’t be shy, feel free to ask for as many as you’d like.

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Now, let’s finish the pictures!

BM-159: Coming out of Kenmore, 1 mile to go! The roar of Kenmore, a mile to go, and not expecting to be here, it doesn’t matter that this is my ninth marathon, this is a rush!

BM-160: The last insult. Several years back the BAA tweaked the course to take the underpass under Massachusetts Avenue. This of course means a small rise at 25.5, a minor slap in the face if you’re having a tough day. I’m having a glorious day and know I don’t care that I’ll take one last walk out of that pit so as to run Boylston strong.

BM-161: Three of Boston’s finest apparently checking to be sure we all made it out from underneath Massachusetts Avenue. I didn’t get a chance to give these guys a blog address slip.

BM-162: And here comes the turn onto Hereford Street.

BM-163: Hereford Street, the Hynes Convention Center is in sight, and I’m oddly surrounded by pink and red runners.

BM-164: This pink lady looks just as happy as I am to be here.

BM-165: Heading up Hereford Street, nearing Boylston Street.

BM-166: Making the final turn onto Boylston Street. The Marathon Photo guys got an amusing picture of me rounding this corner, camera held high.

BM-167: And now the long trek down Boylston. The finish line always looks like it’s several miles away, when in fact it’s just a few blocks.

BM-168: The finish looms closer as we make our way down Boylston.

BM-169: …and closer…

BM-170: …and closer…

BM-171: And we’ve arrived! 42 days of training, 140 miles total, and a strip of horse heart stitched into my foot, and yes, I ran Boston. It’s my slowest by far – 3:43 vs my first marathon at 3:29, but I’m simply elated. And better yet, having taken it easy, I’m in fine shape to enjoy the aftermath.

BM-172: #12943 William Peters of Manchester, New Hampshire crosses the finish line behind me.

BM-173: #9303 Avery Saunders of Edmonton, Alberta is clearly relieved to be no longer running.

BM-174: One of the many iterations of St. Finish Line Staff, this lady is of the Order of Medical Assistance. She and hundreds more line the finish, and I can’t say thanks enough to them.

BM-175: Post-finish shot of yours truly, taken by St. Finish Line of the Order of Medical Assistance. I’ve never felt so un-exhausted after a marathon. Maybe taking it slow is a good thing? Aw, who am I kidding?

BM-176: #10812 Fernanda Jacobs of Avon, Connecticut and – I believe – #10616 Kathy Braga of Farmington, Connecticut. Kathy’s number (if that’s Kathy) was obscured, but I believe these two ladies ran together and a quick scan of the results makes Kathy, coming from Connecticut, the most likely ID.

BM-177: Local dude runs good: #12361 Norm Robbie of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

BM-178: These guys have the ultimate DJ gig. Get them a turntable and let them spin the oldies.

BM-179: #9495 Yoshiaki Kamada of Osaka Moriguchi-shi Japan. I was pleased to find him in my collection of pictures since I’d snapped a lot of Canadians but really no-one else from far away. Welcome to my backyard, Mr. Kamada! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

BM-180: We filter through the rehydration stations. Look, there’s Lizard Man who I snapped just before Kenmore!

BM-181: #2102 Jeff Goates of Englewood, Colorado. Easy to spot.

BM-182: #4014 Riley Jungquist of Mount Vernon, Washington. Look, they brought in a whole truck of water just for him!

BM-183: #10546 Julia Lewis of Burlington, Vermont. Burlington – there’s another race I have to run someday!

BM-184: She’s not just St. Chip-Removal, she also must be a queen since she was Knighting me and the others with the Order of Boston.

BM-185: No numbers showing, but a pair of runners clearly happy with the day’s experience.

BM-186: And another, unidentified, but grinning big. [ Ed. Note: This is #12485, Gord Fairman, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Gord wrote in with a nice note. Thanks Gord, glad you enjoyed the pictures! ]

BM-187: Someday an archeologist will find evidence of mobs of people in silvery space blankets and misinterpret this ritual somehow. I‘m not exactly sure what they’ll surmise, but it will happen.

BM-188: What happens when you blend post-race euphoria with a truly biting cold wind? Expressions like this one.

BM-189: And a race volunteer got this last shot of me near the baggage busses.

BM-193: Back home, my daughter caught the ‘afterwards’ shot. A little sunburned, but otherwise relatively undamaged.

And that’s it. I had a ball taking, editing, captioning, and posting these pictures. I hope you get at least half as much enjoyment out of viewing them. And if you’re in them and not identified, write me so I can know your name. See you next year!


  1. Hi, enjoyed your photos, I was one of the volunteers who took your picture at the finish and you took mine. I have worked at the finish for 4 years and that was a FIRST.
    Thanks, Joan

  2. Thanks for the note! And thanks for taking my picture. Admittedly I had forgotten who did, I am now up to speed on that point. Drop me an email if you'd like the full resolution version of your picture.


  3. Very, very cool. I'm so proud that you finished and had such a great time doing it. I'm starting to think I may actually want to run one some day? Probably should see how the Boilermaker goes first. You're slowly turning me into a runner, ah! haha.
    Love, Kris


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